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Behind the Bakes.

Chef Sam Chablani, a.k.a Firelord, has had his hands so full this year. Since the pandemic hit the streets, his highly-raved #noburnnotaste barbecues had to come to a halt. But these days, you can find Chef Sam dabbling in various e-commerce stores -  with the goal of bringing the best of food, to the comfort of your home.

Burnt Bakes spun off from an old Burnt Cheesecake recipe back from Chef Sam's restaurant days. When the BBC trend was peaking at beginning of 2020, he had a moment of epiphany,
"Eh? I know how to make a dope burnt cheesecake!"
- and that was it. 2 years later, Burnt Bakes has sold over 10,000 cakes islandwide, and has released 8 damn good Burnt Cheesecake flavours to date. 

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Dirty Delicious

Savoury umami Japanese seaweed collided with some atas butter, causing a spontaneous explosion of flavour that was off the Richter scale. We bottled that explosion, and here it is in a jar.



A 10 course Omakase Umami BBQ experience at Chef Sam Chablani's secret location in Bencoolen. Comes with 2 non alcoholic homemade drinks. This ain't no standard grilled sausage fest. This is an intense Asian bbq feast with premium seafood and meats from our region of South East Asia.